Full Quiet - A New Adventure Game for the NES & PC

Created by Retrotainment Games

Full Quiet is our latest game for the NES and PC. Something has taken your son, you must venture deep into the forest to find him. This game will be an entirely new experience, different from anything that we've attempted up to now and different from anything in the NES catalog. We're going to do our best to bring you something that will challenge you in new ways and bring you into a mysterious, enigmatic world of forgotten lore. Deep within the forest you'll encounter strange, cryptic creatures and beasts.. some who will help you, some who wish to destroy everything that you hold dear. The adventure begins one morning when you find that something has taken your son; you must find him, eradicate those who have taken him from you and restore order to the forest. Along the way you'll have to upgrade your equipment, learn the mysteries of the forest and its unknown inhabitants, solve puzzles, hunt down enemy creatures, befriend helpful creatures and craft new objects to accomplish your mission.. to find your son and silence the forest.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Development Status and PAX West Demo
about 2 months ago – Sat, Sep 01, 2018 at 11:17:02 PM

We've been making good progress on the game as we transition into the fall. What we haven't made good progress on is updates so we owe you all some details on what we've been up to. We've got many of the key mechanics in the game now, e.g. 8-way aiming, instant bullets, mantling, cover sprites, running into and out of the screen, health, enemies, etc... Oh, and we also updated the main character sprite to better fit with the environments. This means that the core of the game is now built which is what we will be demoing this weekend at PAX West. If you are at the convention please stop by our booth (6616), play the demo and give us some feedback!

We don't want this update to get too long so you can just take a look at the video footage of some game mechanics. If you care to know more, here's an explanation of what you'll see:

Parallaxing and Distant Objects - On the plateau you can see the rock wall in the distance, a path heading north will take you there. In the field you can see a far-off mountain  When you turn 90 degrees you can look back at plateau where you were before your decent. Paying attention to things in the background will help, especially with navigation. We set out to build a three dimensional world and we're sticking to that goal.

The Z Axis - NES platformers typically only take place along X and Y axes but in running with the idea of a 3D world we're incorporating the Z axis at times so you can run into and out of the screen. So pressing up or down when you're at intersecting paths will change the direction you're heading.

Mantling - Jumping and grabbing onto ledges will play a significant part in this game and will allow you to reach places you couldn't without mastering this skill. There will be some weight to the character and his momentum can be transferred through the swing to allow you to get more distance when mantling. Make sure your palms aren't sweaty when attempting this, you don't want to slip!

Shooting - You'll notice that there are none of the standard slow moving bullets in this game. The shooting mechanic has been built so that the muzzle flash and bullet contact marks convey where you're shooting. If we get the details right this should feel intuitive as far as where you're aiming and if you're hitting or missing your target.

What's next? - After we process the feedback from this demo we'll map out more of the world and implement more of creatures. Then we'll be sending out the test carts to backers for more feedback on the overall game. This demo only shows a few areas of the game world, the test carts will have much more to them. Stay tuned...

Nuts and Bolts
6 months ago – Sat, Apr 28, 2018 at 11:11:25 PM

Thanks to everyone for being so patient while we did a lot of the boring, nuts-and-bolts, back-end work! It means a lot that we're afforded the luxury of hammering that stuff out without people assuming that we bought a boat and are sailing away with suitcases full of your money.

We've made some very good strides over the past few months getting the foundation of the build locked down. Since this game requires us to build a brand new engine from scratch we really had to do a lot of work just to figure out how best to approach everything. We've been primarily focused on establishing our physics, building/implementing backgrounds in a new way and ironing out navigation as our top priorities... and we're just about done. This means we should have some screen shots and video ready soon! From that point on we can start showing visual progress periodically through the rest of development. 

The question now is how much do we show?? While we want to include backers in this process we definitely don't want to give too much away. Since a large part of this game will be about exploration we don't want to give out any important details that could spoil the fun. So we'll really try to be tactful in our approach and will only show some of the basic stuff in the game.  

Special thanks to the backers who play-tested our short demo at MGC! Your feedback was wonderful to get first hand. Thanks to your help we're very confident moving forward with our approach to building out and navigating this world we're creating.

 Visuals coming soon...

Jumping In Water (A Quick Mock-Up)
9 months ago – Sun, Jan 28, 2018 at 01:09:13 AM

Last update I mentioned the behind the scenes work we'd be doing for a while. We're hard at work getting our terrains in place so that we can start showing some of the in-game movement. Right now the focus is on the ladders and tree stands since they will be pivotal in the game. We're still using placeholder art for a lot of what we're doing right now so there's nothing fit for visual consumption at this point but we're getting close.

In the meantime we thought we'd share a quick mock up of how we plan to jump in and out of shallow water. In the below gif you can see our hero character walking in shallow water, jumping out and landing back in the water. 

Full Speed
Full Speed

While there's several ways to go about doing this our thoughts are to show the top half of the hero's normal walk animation (the top 16 pixels of height) and replace the legs (the bottom 16 pixels) with what looks like rippling water. This would be simple if he couldn't jump but since we want to allow jumping out of water we need a way to get his legs swapped in without it looking awkward that legs just appear suddenly out of thin air. Keep in mind that we use 8 pixel wide x 16 pixel tall metatiles for our sprites instead of 8x8 tiles. This is pretty standard practice and has some huge benefits, this is one instance where it bites you in the posterior. Had we used 8x8 tiles we could have added the top half of his legs (8 pixels) as he partially emerged from the water and then the bottom half as he fully emerged; then just do the reverse when he enters the water again. 

If you look at the slowed down gif below you can see what we're attempting.

Slooow Mo
Slooow Mo

When a jump is initiated a legless torso emerges from the water. To hide the missing legs we momentarily throw in a smaller ripple sprite and two splash sprites to distract the eye until the torso is far enough up out of the water that we can toss the legs in. Then we can just do the opposite when he lands. 

This is just a quick example of the things we do to make the game look better while keeping our overall sprite tile count in check so that we can commit more resources to detailed backgrounds and have a bunch of different sprites in the game. The real savings comes when we reuse the splash and ripple sprites for other things in the water. And if you end up knee-deep in muck in the bogs or swamp you'll see the same trick but with green or brown splashes/ripples instead of blue; another reuse of the same tiles. It can't be stressed enough, if you want to have a lot of detail, game mechanics and sprites in your NES game you gotta be super efficient with your tile usage! 

One of the things we love most is when we play our favorite NES games now we can't help but see how these sorts of things were done back in the day :)

Surveys & Lookout Points
10 months ago – Thu, Dec 21, 2017 at 10:55:25 PM

Surveys - Surveys are being sent today!! Please fill yours out ASAP, especially if you want a Limited Edition cartridge. REMINDER: Kickstarter backers can just upgrade to the LE cart for $10.00, you don't have to buy a separate copy. As we stated before, there's a limit of one LE cart per person. If you want an LE and a standard edition cart you can upgrade to the LE and add-on another standard cart. We will be adding more goodies to the backerkit as they are developed. As always, Kickstarter backers get first dibs on anything we offer through Backerkit and your orders will be the first fulfilled when the game is released. 

If you know anyone who may be interested in supporting us please send them this Backerkit link: https://fullquiet.backerkit.com

Lookout Points - Below is an example of one of the lookout points in the game. When you come to one of these lookouts you will be treated to a view of the land. These will serve several purposes, e.g. to help orient yourself as you traverse through the different areas of the game, to give a quick survey of the lands ahead and as vantage points to monitor activities in distant locations. You may even get lucky and see something you want to snipe ;) 

Lookout 1
Lookout 1

We hope everyone has a wonderful holiday and again we thank you for your support!! 

Backerkit "Smoke Test" Sent
10 months ago – Tue, Dec 12, 2017 at 05:19:45 PM

Quick update to let everyone know that we finally got everything properly flown in and set up with Backerkit. We just learned that for campaigns with over 500 backers they require a "smoke test" to verify that the surveys are working properly. A randomly selected 5% of backers should have just received their survey, please fill those out ASAP so that we can send them to the remaining 95% of backers. As soon as we get enough surveys back to confirm the accuracy of everything we can send them out to everyone else.

Thanks again for your patience while we navigated this!